Note on Sources

Almost all of the information on this site is assimilated and compiled by me and many thoughts are out of my own head, though the ideas they are concerned with are elaborated in other places better. I reference many The Lord of the Rings sources in my research and do not currently cite these sources in every post. A few of these sources include:

  • The Lord of the Rings and other related works (The Hobbit, Silmarillion, History of Middle-earth series, etc), obviously
  • LotR movies and related major media
  • Letters of Tolkien
  • Wikipedia
  • LotR Wiki
  • Tolkien Gateway
  • /r/lotr
  • Other obscure lotr forums easily found with Google search

I’m aware this list is not comprehensive and is not adequate for bibliographic purposes, but seeing as how I do not plan on making any profit from this site, I’m not too worried about others besides Professor Tolkien receiving credit for his information.

Unfortunately, the only sources I am worried about receiving the citation they deserve will generally not. These are the artists of some of the fan art I use in the pictures. Most of these are found from Google searches also and are usually taken from the top hits, which tend to be other popular sites that have used them and may or may not have cited them appropriately. Therefore, unless the artist has signed or watermarked the picture somewhere, I am not able to cite every piece of art I present here. If you are here and see a picture you have created without citation, I apologize. Let me know and I will gladly remove it, but just know I am not making any sort of profit from your work in the least.

If some sort of opportunity arises in the future where money is in the picture (funny, right?) I will crack down more on references and sources and give credit where it is due, especially to artists.

-Taylor S.


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