Tolkien fact 73 – Dernhelm

It is not a crime to be uninformed about The Lord of the Rings (although that will be part of my platform in the 2028 presidential election: Make Arnor Great Again), but it does sadden me that many people have not had the opportunity to experience the wealth of fantasy depth that is in Tolkien beyond Jackson's … Continue reading Tolkien fact 73 – Dernhelm


Tolkien fact 72 – Spot the Difference: Book 1

Some of the only fond memories a child could possibly retain from a trip to the dentist's office might include whatever kind of odd toys or books they might have in the waiting room. (I know what you're thinking: "Stupid, obscure blog writer-guy: you don't have to make up some dumb opening story up to … Continue reading Tolkien fact 72 – Spot the Difference: Book 1