This is a simple little blog dedicated to sharing bite-sized pieces of information relating to the infamous J.R.R. Tolkien. This began as a string of daily “facts” in Facebook posts in March 2015. After the suggestion of a close friend I decided to formalize it a bit more. This is not meant to be a comprehensive encyclopedia of information on The Lord of the Rings, but rather a condensed, more accessible means of learning new things about Professor Tolkien’s vast world he created and maybe some things about his life along the way. Thanks for checking in and feel absolutely welcome to contact me with comments or corrections; I’m not perfect 😉

Thank you for checking my stuff out!

Taylor S.

—I also have to credit my buddy Jack M. for not only noticing my terrible typos but also telling me about them so I can fix some of them. They won’t all be caught I suppose, but not many get past him!—


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