Tolkien fact 50 – Legolas and Frodo

If one is attentive in watching the movie The Fellowship of the Ring they may notice a very strange relationship between two of the characters in the Fellowship of the Ring: Legolas and Frodo never actually have a conversation.


This interesting point is even found in the book to an extent, but is more profound in the movie. At the Council of Elrond, Legolas joins the Company by saying ” You have my bow.” That is the last direct word Legolas ever says to Frodo in the movies.

In the book, there are few of these moments where a reader could be sure Legolas is directly speaking to Frodo. Legolas speaks of the Nimrodel River as the Company travels into Lórien and Frodo is mentioned as listening to him, but the argument could be made that Legolas was simply talking to the Fellowship as a whole.

The only true conversation, though brief, between the two is had while on the Anduin. Legolas adresses Frodo’s comment about time not passing in Lothlórien and Frodo replies.

If there are other instances, I do not know of them and they are small.


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