Tolkien fact 37 – The Timeline

[Originally posted on April 8th, 2015]

The The Lord of the Rings movies do not give much of a sense of the timeline of some events. For the longest time, I thought Frodo’s departure from the Shire was almost instantaneous after Bilbo’s birthday. There is no time stamp or dates given in the movies so it’s ambiguous and not necessarily wrong, but the books give a more accurate feeling of when things are happening. Frodo turns thirty-three in the beginning of the story and it’s not until he is fifty(!) that he leaves the Shire, around seventeen years later. After that, the timeline picks up a little more and the events of the War of the Ring take place over the course of about six to seven months, depending on where you begin counting. Frodo leaves Hobbiton around mid September, the Ring is destroyed on March 25th, and Aragorn is crowned King on May 1st.


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