Tolkien fact 36 – Harfoots, Stoors, and Fallohides

[Originally posted on April 7th, 2015]

Hobbits used to be separated into three distinct groups or breeds: The Harfoots, the Stoors, and the Fallohides. All three lived along the Great River, Anduin, near Mirkwood before the time of The Lord of the Rings and moved West by groups. 

The first to cross the Misty Mountains were the Harfoots. They were smallest of the three and preferred hills and mountains. Next came the Stoors, stockier and broader than the other two, preferring riversides and flatlands. Lastly, the Fallohides followed suit and moved West. They were the tallest and slimmest of the three and often were found to be leaders and chieftains after the three groups mixed in Eriador, West of the Mountains. They enjoyed trees and woodlands most. These groups merged and mixed and settled in many places in Eriador, but Bree was the largest and longest-lived settlement. From there, many journeyed farther West and, with the permission of the King of the North at the time, took the land that would later be called the Shire as their home.


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