Tolkien fact 29 – The Real Pages

[Originally posted on March 31st, 2015]

A very famous part in The Fellowship of the Ring involves the party coming to Moria and eventually to the Chamber of Marzarbul within. Gandalf finds the Book of Marzarbul here. (‘Marzarbul’ means ‘records’ in Khuzdul, the dwarven language.) He reads many pages from the book which describes the small colony of dwarves attempting to retake Moria from the orcs, led by Balin (the white-haired dwarf in The Hobbit movies). What is interesting is Tolkien originally made real pages of the book that he wanted to see scanned into The Lord of the Rings, but finances restricted this in the end. The pages were written in sloppy hand-writing to simulate haste. They were dirtied and smudged and even had holes burned into them to imitate the harsh events the book experienced. Below is a photo of one of the pages Tolkien created:

mararbul page


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