Tolkien fact 19 – Ancient Galadriel

[Originally posted on March 21st, 2015]

Galadriel is Tolkien’s image of beauty and eternal youth in his epic work. She’s powerful and yet gentle and kind. She lives out all of the desirable characteristics of an elven Queen, though technically isn’t one. Portrayed by the striking Cate Blanchett in the movies, her age is never actually given nor alluded to. To look at her one would say she can’t be older than 30 or maybe 40 (though she’s got it going on for 40). But elves are immortal and supposed to live with the Earth as long as it lasts. Her exact age isn’t given anywhere in the annals or tales, and she was actually born before the Sun was made and before solar years were kept track of. She was born before the First Age began and some have estimated her age being anywhere between 8,000-10,000 years!


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