Tolkien fact 12 – Helm Hammerhand

[Originally posted on March 14th, 2015]

Not to be overshadowed by their longtime ally Gondor, Rohan has a rich and eventful history as well. By the end of the Third Age the Horse Lords had been involved in countless wars and skirmishes, aiding Gondor in many, and saw three separate lines of Kings take up the throne in Meduseld, the Golden Hall. One famous King and hero of war was Helm Hammerhand. His deeds were as numerous as he was strong. He once punched a man so hard he died from it. During the Long Winter, the Rohirrim were besieged in the valley that would later be named after their King, Helm’s Deep. The winter was harsh for both armies and both suffered loss. In his desperation, Helm would often go out in the snow dressed all in white, sneak into the enemy camp, and kill scores of men with just his hands. Before each of these missions he would blow the horn that would later become the namesake of the Deep’s Hornburg, striking fear in the hearts of his foes at its mere sound. It was said that as long as he didn’t wield a weapon, no weapon could hurt him. The last time Helm’s Horn sounded, he didn’t come back. Later that day men from both armies said they saw a man dressed all in white standing on top of the Dike in the valley, still as a statue; it was Helm, dead standing up.
After that, it’s said that Helm’s Horn could be heard sounding in the Deep if Rohan was at war, and the wraith of Helm would stalk the enemy army and kill them with fear alone.


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