Tolkien fact 59 – Gimli and Legolas

One of the greatest friendships in Tolkien's work comes out of one of the most long-held racial grudges in Middle-earth. Elves and Dwarves got along rarely and usually in the most peaceful times or the most dire need. This racial feud was overcome by two very important figures in the Third Age, and these two were … Continue reading Tolkien fact 59 – Gimli and Legolas


Tolkien fact 58 – Faramir

One of the more drastic departures from the book in Peter Jackson's movies surrounds the character of Faramir, brother of Boromir and youngest son of Denethor II, Steward of Gondor. Faramir was born to Denethor II and Finduilas of Dol Amroth. His mother died when he was five and he grew up in his loving older … Continue reading Tolkien fact 58 – Faramir

Tolkien fact 57 – The Palantíri

Receiving quite a bit of screen time in the films but not much explanation are the Palantíri, or Seeing-stones (Palantír being the singular form). These glassy, bowling ball-like orbs are an ancient means of visual communication in Middle-earth and cause much confusion in the War of the Ring for all parties involved. The Seeing-stones were … Continue reading Tolkien fact 57 – The Palantíri

Tolkien fact 56 – One Map to Rule Them All

Doubtlessly one of the most intimidating aspects of tackling Tolkien's universe for many newcomers is the overwhelming sense of having to be familiar with an entire continent that doesn't really exist. Middle-earth, though modeled after real European areas, is completely a work of fiction along with its names and landmarks. Tolkien devised entirely new languages … Continue reading Tolkien fact 56 – One Map to Rule Them All

Tolkien fact 55 – Andúril: the Flame of the West

Aragorn is easily one of the chief characters in The Lord of the Rings and his tale is arguably the most historically profound concerning Gondor, but the character of Aragorn is portrayed somewhat differently in the book and movies. A major part of the character is his relation to his past and the most concrete … Continue reading Tolkien fact 55 – Andúril: the Flame of the West