Tolkien fact 75 – Spot the Difference: Book 2

Having written an introduction for the first part of this series that is a small novel itself, I will jump directly into the meat of the matter with Book 2, the second part of The Fellowship of the Ring. (For more information about the layout of, and thought-process behind, this series, head back to the … Continue reading Tolkien fact 75 – Spot the Difference: Book 2

Tolkien fact 74 -The (Not-Really-)Undying Lands

This blog is supposed to be focused on and based on the literature of Tolkien and not the movies, but it seems like all I do is compare the stupid book to the stupid movie. But I suppose it's necessary when the stupid movies are the only thing people seem to be worried about and … Continue reading Tolkien fact 74 -The (Not-Really-)Undying Lands